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Xvirus Personal Cleaner

Keep your computer clean and optimize its performance
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To guarantee a good level of performance, it is of the essence that your PC is free of all junk and unnecessary files and that your Windows Registry is cleaned up and compacted regularly. Xvirus Personal Cleaner offers you a free and easy solution to these basic maintenance and optimization requirements. It scans your computer in search of all expendable data and offers you the possibility of deleting them with just one click of your mouse. Its attractive and intuitive interface allows you to perform this two-step simple operation in barely a few seconds.

The scan process is extremely fast, and it provides you with two separate reports – one for the junk files (cookies, browsing history, cache files, etc.) and another one for all the broken and obsolete entries found in your Windows Registry. Regrettably, the only information you can rely on to decide which junk files will stay and which will go is their location (full path included) and the program that generated them.

Xvirus Personal Cleaner comes in an elegantly designed black-themed interface that makes both the scan and the cleaning processes easy to perform. As a bonus, you are provided with a well-equipped toolbox where you will find a Web Guard, a services manager, an uninstaller, The Padlock, a startup manager, a defragmenter, The Passguard, and a shortcut cleaner. Each of these “extra features” are excellent and worth having apps in their own right. While in other similar programs these are but links to the corresponding tools already installed as part of your OS (i.e., the Windows defragmenter, uninstaller, or service manager), Xvirus offers you its own tools, together with some others that are not available in Windows.

Though there is a Pro version, this free version of Xvirus Personal Cleaner is not a trial for the former app, but a fully-functional program in itself that not only locates all unnecessary files and wrong registry entries, but fixes all the issues detected. What makes the Pro version worth trying is a set of extra features available only in the commercial version of this tool. However, if you simply want to check your PC for junk files on a regular basis and keep your Registry free from broken or obsolete entries, this free version is all you need.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Excellent toolbox with extra useful features
  • Attractive and simple interface
  • Fast scan and clean processes
  • Cleans up your Windows Registry
  • Protects your browsing privacy


  • Scarce information about the files to be deleted
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